Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’S)

What is an original or OEM cartridge?

OEMs, such as HP, Canon, Samsung, Brother, Epson, Xerox, OKI and Lexmark are the companies that manufacture your printers.

What is a generic cartridge?

 This is a new cartridge that is made and imported like the OEMs. Generic cartridges are made up to OEM standards, tested and distributed.

My inkjet printer is not printing properly. What should I do?

Run a Head Clean, sometimes it needs to be done more than once.

What is you returns policy?

Wrong purchase Returns Policy for open items:

We have a non-negotiable returns policy on opened items purchased in error. We do not refund these items as our suppliers will not exchange or refund open items. Should we decide to exchange such items, they will be subject to a handling fee of 15%. Ensure that you have the correct cartridges before opening the packaging.

Faulty items Returns Policy:

Manufacturers only exchange daulty cartridges if it can be proven to be faulty. In many cases the machine and not the cartridge is at fault. Original invoice must be presented, validation of the fault and original packaging. If the product is below replacement weight, we will send the cartridge to the manufacturer for testing. Only once they have confirmed that the cartridge is in fact faulty, we can exchange.

Wrong purchase Returns Policy for unopened items:

If you return an unopened item for exchange within 7 days, we will exchange it subject to proof of purchase. Please ensure that you keep the invoice.

Special order Returns Policy:

Any special order items require a 50% deposit. If returned the deposit will be forfeited.

My inkjet printer is not printing straight lines. What should I do?

Try running an alignment function.

How can I fix a dry cartridge:

Steam the nozzle of an ink cartridge and wipe it with a soft tissue. We recommend doing a printer head clean or nozzle clean at least once a month.

Are the generic cartridges the same quality as the originals?

YES! Our generic cartridges will give you at least the same or more page yield and quality as the originals.

Will the generic cartridges damage my printer?

No it will not damage your printer at all as it is exactly the same as the OEM.

Printer Error Message

Your printer is showing an error message, what now?

Printers might indicate an error message when a non OEM cartridge is inserted for the first time. Others may indicate an error at later stages. Most error messages can be resolved by resetting the printer. Take note that the error message is not always related to a cartridge issue. An error could be related to a different problem on the printer; eg.: a paper-jam or a different colour cartridge that is empty or faulty.

How to do a printer Head Clean

Individual ink-system printers normally do higher quality and amounts of printing and generally require more maintenance.

These printers come with a head cleaning function located on the printer menu, under maintenance or tools.

As with the tri-colour printers, the heads on these printers can be blocked due to lack of printing.

The cartridges do not directly influence the quality of the printing and therefore mostly these faults can be resolved with a head clean.

After each head clean the printer should print out a check/test pattern to indicate the current quality state of the printer-head. These patterns differ depending on the brand of the printer.

What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

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